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Semi-Production Knives

Broussard Model

Balance is important on a knife. Often overlooked, but extremely important


These knives are made of 52100 steel, the same steel used in ball bearings. It is an incredible edge holding and wear resistant steel. Just think about how long the wheel bearings on your car last with all the weight and load on them (Typically 100-150K miles). That same steel is incorporated in these knives. The handles are made of different materials including G10, canvas micarta, and natural woods. These full tang knives also feature a tapered tang and a distal tapered blade. Both of these features reduce weight and improve balance of a knife.  These are one of the only (if not the only) production knives on the market that have this. Most makers don't taper tangs due to the extra time and skill that it requires. I do. The sheaths are made of Kydex and are hand fitted to each individual knife. The design of the sheath allows the user to carry the knife right or left handed, and they can also be carried vertically, either right side up or upside down on a vest or backpack.



Slip Joint Folder


A single blade slip joint pocket knife, One that is meant for every day carry. All stainless construction with the standard handles being black paper micarta. A lot of thought and design has gone into this knife. Although all steels in this knife are stainless, special consideration was taken to each part due to the application. As a general rule in the engineering world, like materials of like hardnesses tend to wear against each other when placed in direct contact. Because of this, the liners/integral bolsters, blade, and spring are all different materials and hardnesses to minimize the chances of wear and galling. Standard blade steel used is 12C27 stainless, but another steel or handle material can be ordered upon request for a slight increase in price. Additionally, this knife features dovetailed bolsters, half stop, and a blind pin which prevents the blade from ever touching the spring, causing a dull spot. A feature traditional slip joint knives don't have. Machining marks are left on the bolsters for added unique character


Special requests for blade steels and handle materials are an option, please contact us for info
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